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We are strategic thinkers, designers and developers of technology used worldwide.


Some words about us

At Kiaora, we are passionate designers, developers, and strategists with acute knowledge for building products and ideas ground up.

We help clients build successful products through strategic design and innovative technology.

We work with clients from North Ameriaca, Europe and Asia to develop new idea, rebuild or finalised unfinished tech initiatives

Starting a business is hard work. In a tough economy, it can be even harder.

We help entrepreneurs build businesses. Using data-driven design and the lean-startup approach of build, measure and learn we validate and help bring your ideas to life.

We take care of your digital persona

We're your partner, your digital strategist , your CTO, your designers, your go to guy: whatever you need from us.

To kick start your project, please provide us with a high level overview and submitting our form. We review and approach promptly


Mobile Application

  • Prototype
  • User Experience
  • Customised app development
  • Intutive & reach features
  • Smart UI / UX

Web Develpement

  • Handling Database
  • Content panel - Backpanel Bases
  • Data driven strategy
  • Data Analytics & Reporting


  • Online experience design
  • Payment Gateway
  • Secure shopping experience
  • Order Processing & Inventory module
  • comprehensive report

Website Design

  • User Friendly Experience
  • Static, Dynamic
  • Responsive
  • Redesign
  • Multi-language
  • PS/AI to HTML conversion

Digital Marketing

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine optimisation

  • SEO Audit
  • Local Search
  • Mobile Optimisation
  • H1 Tag
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Keyword research

Domain & Hosting services

  • Domain
  • Server
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Cloud


  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Analytics
  • AR




1. Discover Idea

What would the software product look like without understanding business, market and consumers? Not so good at all. So we dig up the conventional process of brainstorming through simple actions to gather most adapted solutions to fit products requirements

2. Strategic Plan

To make final product more resourceful, we bridge the gap between planning and execution by building a work model suitable for your every need.

3. Customized Designs

By simplifying the designing-redesigning method, we enhance the software product with responsive features. To do this, we use cutting edge software technologies to make the product interactive to use.

4. Development

At the development stage, we provide every product an individual workflow. We combine every case with suitable technology for achieving best results, rich in functionality.

5. Test

Quality is what we preserve in every stage of software product development. That is why; we analyze test cases and resolve the estimated risk with strategic testing models.

6. Launch

Though after building good product not every product smashes success. To get strong impact of product, we drive deeper addressing the needs of emerging markets.

7. Promote & Support

Using inbound marketing and content strategies, we provide a digital platforms to translate you brand to more consumer engagements.


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Joining us is a step away. Send us your requirements for the software product you need. If you have any suggestions or recommendation for our products, send us e-mail, we will be pleased to implement proposed changes in our products.
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Sai Niketan, First Floor,
N-3/26, CIDCO,
Aurangabad, India - 431003.
Contact Number : +91-800-741-7111
E-Mail : info@kiaora.in

Built a Career

We are always hiring. Looking out for talent that helps us to do even better. Before applying be aware that, Kiaora is highly protective of it's culture, process, and clients; and we'd rather be understaffed than risk hiring the wrong person. This means you can usually expect a sometimes lengthy hiring process, and weeks or months of conversations. We don't play games, but we do take our time. Hiring is one of the most important things to us, and we take it very seriously. But we also make sure that this isn’t like just another tech jobs. It's a transformative experience.